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The VRC Vision

In conjunction with our marketing strategies, we create vast efficiencies and quality improvements by a concept we call “platooning,” which substantially lowers our overhead and allows us to pass the savings on to you, while providing better service to owners and their guests than anyone in the business. Traditional operators spend 90% of their time training, managing, supplying, and staffing housekeeping, maintenance, food and beverage, front desk, reservations, and sales staffs. In fact, traditional organizations will brag about their one to one or higher employee to guest ratio. We don’t think they should brag any more. When you call Vacation Rental Collective as a property owner or guest, you get to talk to an owner of the company, not an hourly wage earner.


Our decentralized approach to organization is the 21st century model. Instead of struggling with something as challenging as staffing and training a housekeeping staff, our strategy is to pick the best housekeeping service provider in the communities in which we operate and we let them focus on what they do best. This allows us to focus on what we do best – marketing, logistics, and owner relations. This strategy is applied across the board to all of the core services we engage to run our operations. And the elegance of it is, if one of our service providers, maintenance for example, can only handle ten units, that’s fine, we let them own those ten and we find the best possible service provider to pick up where they left off. We’re not locked in to our own departmental dogma trying to wear every single hat; that just waters down the quality of the service. Why do you think hotels and resorts typically struggle to provide the same quality of food service as the local bistro down the street? Because the bistro is focused on their core business. The hotels and resorts try to do everything well and everything winds up being mediocre. And in the process, they build enormous operating overhead and homeowners in traditional rental programs pay for this overhead in their higher revenue splits.


Our vision of the new lodging paradigm is one where lodging customers still look for great service, but they define it differently. Service means getting to talk on the phone to a personable, well-travelled, professional who is extremely well-versed in assisting them with property selection and vacation planning maximizing their experience and minimizing their logistical headaches. If we accomplish only those goals, we’ve surpassed the vacation experience of the vast majority of travellers in today’s market. Service means a flawless progression of logistics with clearly defined and simple directions on how to have the easiest and most enjoyable time on your way to your destination, during your visit, and in departure. Service means expectations of quality of product being exceeded. We grade and monitor the quality of our rental units closely to ensure we’re only offering a first-rate, A-rated experience. Service means concierge services that not only provide access to the hidden gems of experience in a community, but discounts to the finest service providers therein. And service means value, feeling like the experience and quality are superior to the price they’re accustomed to paying.


We can do all of these things because we’re not tied down with 90% of what other lodging managers do on a daily basis. We know because we’ve personally operated large four-star quality resort properties. We feel that professionally managed properties that take advantage of the shift in consumer behavior driving the growth of the web-based lodging networks have tremendous revenue growth potential as the traveling consumer becomes more and more familiar with the elevated level of quality and service we’ve achieved.


Unlike almost every short-term rental management company, we don’t make money off of erroneous “administrative” and “booking” fees. These fees are pure profit line items for our competitors, which allows them to profit off of owner’s vacation rental assets without sharing the additional revenue with the owner. These fees are counter to our fundamental values. For our owners this means higher nightly rates and more money in your pocket. For guests it means they have the opportunity to book direct with us and bypass the additional fees charged by other platforms as well, and they’re so appreciative that they often come to us without using 3rd party intermediaries like AirBnB or Vrbo.  This means happier customers, more bookings, and that our owners retain a more equitable share of the revenue generated by their property.

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